Pointless Series: Life Without a Cellphone

Totally Connected

Saturday night, or Sunday morning, however you look at it, I threw my phone out the window.

Symbolically, it represents liberation, but in reality it address addiction to a cellphone. So I decided to create my first installation the Pointless Series, after all, how pointless is this post?

A vast majority of people today have cellphones, and most people cant live without them. People walk and text, text at work or in school, and even put their lives on the line by texting and driving. When did we as a society stoop so low? Although we are constantly engaged in technology, its almost primal how we act in regards to it. We become one track minded, easily distracted and to some extent, less intelligent.

We  live in a 160 character or less generation now, and although people are able to express themselves in fewer words, there are so many other drawbacks. The death of traditional sentence structure, spelling, grammar and declined attention spans are all effects of the cellphone, and all of the apps that come along with it. I unfortunately am a victim of this, but its hard not to be, admittedly.

However, there are times when I generally need to contact people to let them know how I am, or what I am doing, more specifically my mother, since I am away at college. I also have no sense of time anymore. Although my car tells the time, and so do computers and …wait for it… analog clocks on the wall all have the same functionality, it’s much different than pulling out my iPhone every 5 minutes.

Music, one of my favorite capabilities of a phone, is something I have to live without. I can no longer just go ‘headphones in … world out …” now I’m forced to take note of the surrounding environment, I can get used to that again.

It almost feels like I’m reverting my life to middle school, the last known time in life where technology wasn’t pertinent in my life. However, I shouldn’t be so critical of technology, its allowing me to communicate with the world now isn’t it, and that’s a pretty awesome concept.

Moving forward lets see how this goes. I must admit, I am using my laptop to text, Facebook and tweet. It’s not total disconnectedness, but it isn’t a cellphone either.


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