Pointless Series: Life Without a Cellphone – The Inconvenience to Others

At this point in my experiment, I realize that living without a phone isn’t as hard as I anticipated. I am still able to communicate with the “important” people in my life, keep an active presence on social media as well as effectively managing my time. Although I seem extremely content with how I’m able to maintain my pseudo-connected lifestyle, it seems to be an inconvenience to others. Oh, the irony.

Wednesday, I attended a career fair, which was a networking event sponsored by my University. Needless to say, I shut the place down. I had on a fresh blue blazer, plenty of resumes and of course my beautiful smile, but I digress…

Sidebar: These career fair events can be a great opportunity for upcoming graduates to shop for potential employers while getting their name out, but without making a lasting impression could be totally useless.  

While talking to several potential employers at the fair, I received a mixed response about not having a cellphone. I explained myself by saying that most people can’t function in society without that piece of technology. I then asked thought-provoking questions like:

As a perspective employer, are you more willing to hire someone who is too deeply consumed in technology to be able to handle simple daily tasks, or someone who is able to disconnect from technology and be effective in the workplace?”

Furthermore, I pointed out how we’re supposed to be at a networking event, networking, but employers and students were still too busy on their phones most of the time. Decent impression I believe.

Communication representatives from companies like Comcast and Gannett found my new approach to life, “interesting” and “insightful,” while most representatives from financial companies considered it “impractical”. One representative even went on to say that most companies wouldn’t consider me for a job without a cellphone because it’s the primary way to contact perspective employers. Good to know, bummer.

I guess since employers can’t contact someone via cellphone, that deems them totally useless to the company. I also assume that any extra legwork is too difficult for these big companies; which makes me wonder if they actually check our social media profiles then… Gee I hope not.

Overall, I’m having fun without a phone. I think I’m not having too much trouble adjusting to this is because everyone else has a phone; so if I desperately needed a phone for any reason they’re easily accessible. I do recommend going a day without your phone, it’s surprisingly relaxing. Having a phone only causes stress, take a day and enjoy the freedom that you once used to have.


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